I should rebrand this blog. I’m not an active writer these days although I keep trying to be. Does that count?

Illness or injury or both at the same time halted my exercise at least four times since March 2022, when our family contracted Covid. Each time, I would wait, let myself heal from injury or illness, and then start exercising again.

For a couple of weeks.

Just as I would slip into the rhythm of exercising where my equilibrium returned, that sense of well-being where I can laugh and smile through the toughest situations, I would get sick or injured again.

It’s been frustrating, and in the meantime, I get snappier, I bury myself in social media in a lie of self care, and alienate my family.

I’m trying again for the “too-many-to-count-th” time to get back into movement, where my thoughts concentrate on activating the correct muscle rather than the thousand and one things I have going on in my life. I will always keep trying, even if I never get there.

Except I believe that I will get there, a place where I cherish and maintain exercise and mental wellness.

I should rebrand but I’m not going to right now.

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