Blog? What blog?

The pandemic hit and my life, like everyone else’s, flipped upside down. I squeezed my work hours into my son’s nap times and the evening until all three of us were too exhausted to differentiate between the waking and sleeping hours.

Daycare access, work/life balance, and outdoor and indoor spaces returned and us three became five people, along with Tui the cat and Kiwi the dog who were already part of our lives pre-pandemic. Seven mouths to feed.

We did it, along with many others due to hard work and lots, and lots of good fortune. We are lucky and in the quiet moments, I remember our luck.

I have neglected this blog these past two and a half years and that will continue for awhile. Three kids under five are a level of noise and disruption I have never seen before. Although most of the time I’m holding on with my finger tips, I try to find ways to enjoy the ride. What else is life for, but to enjoy those special moments when you can?

However, I have a few older draft posts I’ll put up. I hope you have peace, good health, and happiness in your life. Find those moments