Kevin Hearne – Atticus O’Sullivan

I first heard about Kevin Hearne through Twitter as a casual mention and then saw that he was attending the Creative Ink Festival in British Columbia. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the festival. When I saw one of his books, Hounded, at a used book sale, it was a perfect opportunity to check out this author and am I ever glad I did.


Atticus O’Sullivan, despite his paranoia, is a fun character. His friends reflect this, including his dog Oberon with a goofy sense of humour and the old widow who likes to enjoy life with a glass of whiskey in hand. For example, here’s Oberon speaking to Atticus on page 152:

“You know, Atticus, that turning into a crow business is pretty slick, but that’s not her best godlike power by a long shot. She can sense when specific people are approaching in time to avoid them! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could automatically avoid assholes for the rest of your life?”

He’s out only to enjoy life and at the same time be a steward of the Earth, something our modern era could use a lot more of.

His paranoia, although extensive, is justified since it has kept him alive for over 2000 years and of course, throughout each book, any lapse in paranoia is rewarded with conflict and mayhem.

Especially in science fiction and fantasy, much of what we read is end of the world, high stakes, heart pounding fiction so it’s refreshing to have a character that will make fun of gods and goddesses, that will help out old ladies just because and make sure his dog is rewarded with french poodles when he’s been extra helpful.

At the heart of it all, despite his better judgement, he tries to help those around him, which is something all of us would like to think we do. If you choose to read The Iron Druid Chronicles, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.